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Our expert team helping on the below products category across the globe


Our expert team helping on the below products category across the globe

Consulting and Implementation

Right now, your company uses a legacy system to handle what an ERP system would do in one place. You may even have multiple systems. The legacy systems have a monetary and person-hour cost to maintain them, so switching to Dynamics ERP cloud may actually be more cost-effective.

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Development and Customization

You already have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or its predecessor, Dynamics NAV, installed. You’ve used it for a while, and in that time, you’ve noticed a gap between your operations and your ERP platform. But now you’re thinking you might need something else.

Whether it’s custom reports or a feature in ERP software for distributors, you know the features you need are not available the standard product. Instead, you want the new procedure, feature, or report to work exactly how your company needs it to.

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You currently have an outdated version of one of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, such as Dynamics NAV 2006 or Dynamics NAV 2018. As a result, you’re noticing problems with the system that you know will slow your company down just as the market needs you to be responsive. It has been brought up, and the IT team expressed overwhelm at the scope of the project and lack of clear guidance on how to do it without risking some mild closures that would affect performance.

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Training & Support

Training is the most efficient way to bring team members up to speed when a new system is integrated into your office. This type of training in ERP in small and midsize business can encompass the entire company or select team leaders depending on your needs.

We have usually helped you install or upgrade your system to the latest from Microsoft Dynamics with new system training. Training is the last step in the process so that your business can continue excelling in your market.

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Cloud Migration

You currently have on premise infrastructure. Your company may seem like it is a little behind the curve of recent technology, or it may seem like the infrastructure is no longer benefiting the company. You may have even seen some data loss due to the infrastructure.

Your team has started bringing up cloud options to replace some of the systems. Potentially, someone might have specifically brought up on premise to Azure cloud migration since your office already uses Microsoft products. There may have even been mention of Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions.

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