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Perfected for the Jewelry Industry

What is DSVC Core?

After working closely with industry leaders in the jewelry industry for many years, an opportunity became apparent to DSVC to meet the needs of our customers. Existing jewelry business software could not meet the demands of industry leaders and smaller companies alike.

Our team worked relentlessly in consultation with industry leaders to understand the demands and pain points of the jewelry niche. We were able to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central into a full, dependable, and scalable ERP system specific to the jewelry industry.

Our jewelry business software addresses the core elements unique to the jewelry industry, including tackling the intricacies of design and pricing. It is the industry-leading jewelry ERP software and serves as the base for specialty modules.

With DSVC Manufacturing, your company can see all the details involved in the process from easy-to-use dashboards. Combined with other DSVC modules, your company decision makers receive a complete picture of the business.

Advantages of Using Our Jewelry Business Software

  • Industry Tailored

    Each DSVC jewelry business software module is industry-tailored to meet or exceed your expectations. We handle the intricate problems that make standard ERP solutions difficult, and we do it with your needs in mind.

  • Design Module

    The design module is the centerpiece of this software, and it works dynamically with your needs. Not only can you create your products, but you can also see materials, labor, and more that will affect the manufacturing cost in real-time.

  • Scalable

    Made specifically for the jewelry industry and capable of being hosted in the Cloud, this jewelry business software scales for every business size. Plus, since it’s based in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have access to a wealth of additional features.

  • Dependable

    After rigorous testing, this is an incredibly stable software with a proven dependability and reliability track record. With hundreds of users daily, DSCV software and modules work for your company immediately.

  • Pricing Support

    With real-time updates, you can see exactly what each piece of jewelry will cost based on the market. With additional options like weights and the color of stones, your team can focus on what they do best.

  • Integrated

    This jewelry business software integrates with larger Microsoft Business Central ERP software, making it incredibly powerful for every aspect of your business. These integrations work with other Dynamics software modules and the broader Microsoft product suite.

Building Your Jewelry Business with DSVC

  • Adaptable

    DSVC can implement a manufacturing ERP for your business and makes the process as easy as possible. Our experienced team can take you from your current system into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly so you can continue building your business.

  • Specialized

    This software features numerous elements to address the jewelry industry’s pain points. It can function as a specialty jewelry business software or in a more general capacity. The specialized nature ensures you have every feature you need but could not find in a general solution.

  • Experienced

    DSVC offers more than 20 years of experience helping companies just like yours achieve their goals. We make a process like a cloud migration and ERP adoption straightforward, so you can focus on the areas you do best.

  • Support

    DSVC offers industry-leading support for all of our software, installations, and modules. We understand that jewelry business software is more than installation, and our specialists are happy to help when you need it.

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