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DSVC Manufacturing

Control Without Compromise

What is DSVC Manufacturing?

DSVC Manufacturing expands the Dynamics 365 Business Central production modules and our own DSVC core module. This combination creates a suitable environment for the delicate aspects of jewelry industry in one manufacturing ERP.

With this jewelry business software, your company has greater control over items like production orders, components, routing, and even losses without generating extra processes to slow your company down.

This ERP software for jewelry business also controls information, including regulating who needs what to complete the manufacturing process. The system also collects data so your departments understand their metal loss, productivity rates, and more, as well as the big picture.

With DSVC Manufacturing, your company can see all the details involved in the process from easy-to-use dashboards. Combined with other DSVC modules, your company decision makers receive a complete picture of the business.

Advantages of this Manufacturing ERP

  • Automated

    Using a manufacturing ERP eliminates many of the repetitive tasks involved in jewelry, such as generating production orders. Instead, the jewelry management software handles these calculations for increased accuracy.

  • Control

    With DSVC, control is always one dashboard away. The manufacturing ERP also keeps track of production orders, job bags, sale order progress, material use, and more so you can make decisions and redefine parameters in the system.

  • Planning

    With all of the data gathered and presented in easy-to-read dashboards, you can also use the manufacturing ERP for precise planning. The data on previous jobs is invaluable, and using this jewelry management software means you have it without extra paperwork for your employees.

  • Analytics

    Using the latest algorithms and AI, DSVC Manufacturing can also analyze all the data gathered during your manufacturing process. These powerful analytics and reporting tools ensure your business grows and maintains its market share.

Jewelry Management Software with DSVC

  • Automated

    DSVC can implement a manufacturing ERP for your business and makes the process as easy as possible. Our experienced team can take you from your current system into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly so you can continue building your business.

  • Adaptability

    Whether you need one location or multiple locations separated by geography, DSVC has over 20 years of experience adapting technology to meet the needs of diverse companies. In addition, our specialization in jewelry management software ensures we can create exactly what you need.

  • Support

    DSVC stands behind our work, and we’re devoted to ensuring all of our customers receive the support they need for their systems. We believe that our support sets us apart and allows us to deliver superior products that will make a difference in your business.

  • Global

    When you choose DSVC, you’re choosing a global firm that understands your local market. With offices scattered around the world and the capacity to take offshore development projects, we will meet you where your current system is and help you reach the right solutions for your market.

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