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DSVC Metal Management

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What is DSVC Metal Management?

DSVC Metal Management is another module option that integrates with DSVC Core and addresses one of the many pain points in the jewelry industry. This jewelry inventory software handles precious metals when they are used as exchange.

DSVC Metal Management integrates seamlessly into your financial system so everything uses the same recording system. This makes it easy to track customer and vendor balances, regardless of how you’re paid.

This jewelry inventory management software offers precision when you need it most. From recording the metals on load to tracking frequent transactions, this module can handle everything necessary to keep your company running smoothly. It can even handle FACON orders.

Advantages of Using This Jewelry Inventory Software

  • Precision

    With DSVC Metal Management, using precious metals in place of currency has never been easier. This component of jewelry inventory software helps precisely track every aspect of transactions for a more complete financial view.

  • Integration

    This jewelry inventory management software integrates with your financial system seamlessly. The feature lets you see all of data on a vendor or customer in one location, which is useful for everyone involved.

  • Automation

    In addition to the accuracy and integrations, this jewelry inventory system also handles some of the repetitive tasks that require precision. Since it’s a software system, the automation is not prone to making any errors.

  • Analysis

    Like all DSVC software packages, this jewelry inventory management system offers robust analytics. These analytics are also part of the overall DSVC system, so you have a complete look at company performance.

DSVC Jewelry Inventory Management Software

  • Specialization

    DSVC specializes in jewelry inventory software, which allows us to better serve our customers. We understand the unique needs of those in the jewelry industry along with he common pain points of jewelry inventory management software so we can deliver a better solution.

  • Experience

    DSVC has over 20 years of experience implementing ERP systems in various industries globally. Our experience and dedication mean you get a better, more tailored jewelry inventory management system the first time.

  • Adaptation

    The DSVC team has the experience and knowledge to tailor your metal management software packages. We are happy to add features you need to make the jewelry inventory management software work for your situation.

  • Global

    Our offices are spread across the world and we also accept offshore projects. With this global knowledge, we’re better able to serve niche markets like yours with the precision you need on the cutting edge of the industry.

  • Support

    We firmly believe that we’re not just supplying jewelry inventory software. We’re helping companies adapt so they can successfully grow and be future ready. Towards that end, we develop relationships with our customers, which is why we have a 99% customer retention rate.

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