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DSVC Subcontracting

Subcontracting with Precision

What is DSVC Subcontracting?

DSVC Subcontracting is an extension of DSVC Manufacturing, a Business Central extension designed specifically for the jewelry industry. This module is intended for companies with a portion of their works in progress subcontracted out at any point in time. The Subcontracting module offers a better way to manage these projects.

With DSVC Subcontracting, as part of a comprehensive manufacturing ERP, you’ll have the thorough and precise numbers you need to handle your vendor relationships without the added frustration.

This module of ERP software for jewelry business tracks material losses, allows for products lost during shipment, handles periodic labor calculations, and more. These functions traditionally require separate, specialized software, but DSVC Subcontracting is part of a comprehensive solution.

Advantages of the Manufacturing ERP Module

  • Improved Vendor Relationships

    This module for a manufacturing ERP provides comprehensive cost, pricing, and metal exchange process accounting. All of these features mean you can deal precisely with even the most exacting vendors without worry.

  • Precise Accounting

    Subcontracting requires precise accounting free of error. Using this piece of a manufacturing ERP, you can have precision without the extra paperwork or worries regarding the data. Subcontracting also works with your finance department software for convenience.

  • Loss Accounting

    Loss of product is part of subcontracting in many cases, but accounting for it can be difficult ahead of time. DSVC takes the guesswork out of accounting for losses during product shipment and allows your firm to proceed confidently

  • Labor Calculations

    Subcontracting regular and periodic labor is highly useful in the jewelry niche. However, both varieties of labor require precise calculations to ensure everything is worked out to the satisfaction of both parties. This manufacturing ERP module delivers that surety.

  • Analytics

    All DSVC modules come with powerful analytics to turn the raw data from the use of the system into meaningful business insights you can use to plan your company’s future. The Subcontracting module also integrates into the comprehensive company analytics.

ERP Software for Jewelry Business from DSVC

  • Adaptability

    When you choose to use a manufacturing ERP from DSVC, you are choosing peace of mind with the ability to completely customize solutions and minimize human error. As we’ve been assisting companies like yours for over 20 years, our team can create the features you need.

  • Integration

    All DSVC software modules integrate into one precise ERP software for jewelry business purposes. This integration ensures that your company has the most comprehensive picture possible and that all teams can access the same insightful data.

  • Support

    We provide outstanding support with all DSVC products even after you start putting the software to use. Our team can help you create exactly what you need, upgrade when it’s time, and more so you can keep succeeding in your niche.

  • Global

    DSVC has offices across the globe and accepts offshore development projects for your convenience. This approach means we understand your market and what you need in an ERP software for jewelry business to succeed.

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