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DSVC Thai Localization

Compliance Made Easy

Why Do You Need Thai Localization?

Like many countries, Thailand has unique laws regarding VAT reporting, tax withholding, and more. Unfortunately, these can make it difficult to establish a Thailand-based firm and can complicate working there if your company establishes a branch.

This Microsoft retail software solution offers an answer. DSVC designed it to meet the legislative and Revenue Department requirements in a way that does not require a unique accounting system.

With DSVC Thai Localization, your Microsoft Business Central software will meet the local requirements while still remaining practical to use. The software even creates a WHT tax file for upload to the government portal.

Thai Localization with DSVC

  • Adaptable

    DSVC prides itself on adapting our solutions to meet any need. We can help create precisely what you need to operate in Thailand if you find something that is not already in our extension.

  • Experienced

    We create exceptional modules unique to your niche with over 20 years of experience working with ERP in small and midsize business. As a result, we have experience in many distinct markets, and we offer many solutions.

  • Supportive

    We are committed to every one of our customers, whether you’re using our Thai Localization module with one module or every option we make. Our team is here to support you through the implementation and use phases.

  • Global Presence

    Our team is spread out across the globe, including at our office in Thailand. We believe that this global presence helps us understand the markets better and deliver the niche understanding your company needs to succeed.

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