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Consulting and Implementation

The Right Solution

Is Dynamics ERP Right for Your Company?

  • Cost of the System

    Right now, your company uses a legacy system to handle what an ERP system would do in one place. You may even have multiple systems. The legacy systems have a monetary and person-hour cost to maintain them, so switching to Dynamics ERP cloud may actually be more cost-effective.

  • Flexibility for Future Growth

    Often, people start looking at a Microsoft ERP system because their current systems can't actually handle the company's growth. If this is you, you should know that the Dynamics ERP cloud has unlimited potential to grow with your company.

  • Data-Driven Decisions

    Data is critical for business decisions, and you know that your current arrangement is not delivering the data you need to remain competitive in your market. Switching to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes state-of-the-art business intelligence drawn from data in every area of your company.

  • Team Expectations

    While many look at ERP as a company decision, it also affects your team members. Your team members may think the legacy system could be significantly more efficient or less redundant, which makes transitioning to a new system more imperative.

  • Customer Deliveries

    At some point, your legacy system may begin to interfere with customer deliveries and experiences. A Microsoft ERP system can handle the additional volume of expansion and diversification without any problems.

Steps in the Project Process

  • Contact Us

    The first step in setting up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for your company is contacting us. One of our team members will walk you through what information we need, answer any questions you may have, and set up a consultation.

  • Kick-off Meeting

    At this point, we'll walk through all of the pieces that will happen throughout the implementation process with your team members, so everyone is on the same page. Then, this meeting will focus on the timeline and requirements of team members.

  • System Requirements Study

    The SRS of your company focuses on what systems you currently use and how you use them so that you can easily access the same functionality within a Dynamics ERP cloud system.

  • Implementation

    A dedicated Project Manager will coordinate with you and a steering committee to communicate, control, and implement the new system during this phase. Every effort will be made to remain within budget and schedule.

  • Support

    Once implementation is complete, DSVC employees turn the system over. However, we remain available should any questions arise.

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