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Development and Customization

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

What You are Looking For
You already have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or its predecessor, Dynamics NAV, installed. You’ve used it for a while, and in that time, you’ve noticed a gap between your operations and your ERP platform. But now you’re thinking you might need something else.

Whether it’s custom reports or a feature in ERP software for distributors, you know the features you need are not available the standard product. Instead, you want the new procedure, feature, or report to work exactly how your company needs it to.

How We Can Help
The DSVC team members are experts in creating custom solutions that match your unique business processes. We understand that no two companies are alike, so we ensure your company has what you need to grow.

With DSVC, you choose the extent of the project, from an ad-hoc requirement to a large-scale development effort. Our experts use a well-proven methodology to deliver everything from bespoke features to custom reporting.

Our experienced team of certified Dynamics Developers works as an extension of your team. We offer a variety of resources to meet your company’s needs, including functional developers, technical advisors, project managers, and more.

How It Works

  • Contact Us

    The first step is to contact us with your idea, whether that’s helping your team push through a major release effort, a custom feature, new reporting for ERP software for distributors, or something else. Then, one of our team members will answer your questions and set up a consultation.

  • Specify Your Requirements

    During the consultation, you will outline your requirements, budget, and any other considerations involved in the development. By the end of this meeting, you should know exactly how we can help your company.

  • Sign the Contract

    Our team will draw up a contract addressing your requirements and what is necessary to fulfill them in the manner you envision. Once you sign the contract, we can arrange for the team member(s) onboarding.

  • DSVC Team Member(s) Join Your Team

    Our exceptional team members will join your team on the date specified on the contract. These highly trained professionals will be ready to work on the project from day one to accomplish the project goals.

Trust DSVC for Your Development and Customization Needs

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