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Effective from Day One

Types of Training
New System
Training is the most efficient way to bring team members up to speed when a new system is integrated into your office. This type of training in ERP in small and midsize business can encompass the entire company or select team leaders depending on your needs.

We have usually helped you install or upgrade your system to the latest from Microsoft Dynamics with new system training. Training is the last step in the process so that your business can continue excelling in your market.

Skill Brush-Up
As ERP vendors that focus on small to medium sized business, we also offer a skill brush-up option for classes. These classes focus on using Dynamics 365 Business Central within your company so that your employees feel confident using the system for their jobs.

We are happy to help at any level, whether it’s making sure new hires have the skills they need, cross-training managers, or helping a newly formed team use the system in a new way. Our specialists will design a curriculum based on your requirements.

Productivity Enhancement
Business Central offers numerous features, and many users only scratch the surface of the available options. This type of training helps your team members maximize their benefits from using the system, regardless of their department.

Our team customizes these trainings based on your requirements. This customization ensures that each training helps your team achieve the productivity they need with the fantastic ERP in small and midsize business Microsoft offers.

Partner Training
DSVC also provides training to Partners who sell and maintain our products. These trainings teach everything from the basics of our products to the more complex work required to meet customer needs.

Partner training is available by request only. Each is designed based on the needs of the Partner.

Requesting a Training

  • Contact Us

    To begin, simply reach out to our skilled team and let us know what you are interested in. The team member you speak with will also be happy to answer any questions and set up an appointment for a consultation.

  • Consultation

    One of our Functional team members will meet with you to discuss the outcomes you hope to achieve. They will be happy to answer any of your questions and assist you with setting up the training.

  • Design

    One of our certified Functional consultants will design the training you need with your requirements in mind. As ERP vendors that focus on small to medium sized business, our consultants will have your training done quickly.

  • Administration

    We offer trainers to administer training, or you can take our training to the trainer of your choice. However, we generally advise using one of our trainers for maximum benefit as they will have the most experience with the system.

  • Why Trust DSVC

    DSVC offers 20 years of experience with ERP in small and midsize business. In addition, our company operates globally and in multiple industries, which helps us deliver relatable content during the training sessions. See what our exceptional team can create for you today.

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